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In the Contact Form select the option: “Claims” to process your claim.

To expedite the process you should be sure to include the following:

– Container number, bill of lading (BL) number, warehouse receipt number(s), (WHR), Customs declaration, (DUA), arrival date and dispatch date, photos of the damaged merchandise, include all the information that is relevant to the case.
– Add a description of the merchandise and a detailed description of the damage caused.
– Attach the commercial invoice(s) and make a real valuation of the affected merchandise and indicate the amount of the claim.
It is important to take into consideration that your legal representative (Customs Agent) has three opportunities to file a claim before the merchandise arrives at your facility.

1st. At the time of unloading the container.

2nd. At the time of verification.

3rd. At the time of dispatch.

The formal claim request must be made within 24 hours, after exhausting one of the previous steps. After these three moments pass, we cannot accept a claim, since the merchandise leaves our control and its representative has signed as good and validated each of these processes.

Note: Insurance only covers damage under our control.

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